Masters in Nursing Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky's diverse population, which includes an eclectic mix of rural, urban, and suburban communities, has health care needs that can best be met by skilled professionals. With a Master's degree in nursing in Kentucky, you can step up to fill this role and serve people in your community. Several nursing schools in Kentucky offer routes to earn your MSN, and you can compare them here.

The recent surge in the demand for health care services in Kentucky has led to new legislation that positively impacts advanced practice nurses. Senate Bill 7 permits advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and clinical nurse specialists, to prescribe medications without the approval of a physician. While advanced practice nurses must have four years of experience to enjoy this benefit, this legislation may allow you to serve one of Kentucky's many rural areas.

Nursing Programs in Kentucky

The Master's in Nursing degree is a rigorous educational program that builds upon your existing nursing education and experience. Since this degree prepares you for important practice and leadership roles immediately after graduation, there may be clinical practice requirements that you have to meet before getting accepted into a program, such as having practiced nursing for at least two years. These requirements will vary between programs, so be sure to check out admissions information from each school.

If you go the traditional route of first earning a Bachelor's in Nursing, you may only need two to three years to earn your MSN. You may be in school for up to five years if you are bridging from a non-nursing Bachelor's degree or Associate's degree in nursing. There are also online MSN programs in Kentucky to choose from, offering a high degree of flexibility if you plan to work your way through school.

As a nurse practitioner student, you may take courses like Primary Care of Adults and Pediatric Pharmacology. Nursing education programs often include classes like Transformative Curriculum Design and Leading Through Technology. Nursing administration may require courses like Management of Health Care and Nursing Theory.

Kentucky is home to many scholarship opportunities for graduate nursing students. The Kentucky Nurses Foundation and Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners & Nurse Midwives both award scholarships every year. Through the state, you can apply for funding from the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund.

Working With Your MSN in Kentucky

Nurses with their MSN are in demand in this state. Health Kentucky notes that nurse practitioners are in serious demand in rural Kentucky communities. Their estimates indicate that 43% of Kentucky's population lives in a rural area, while only 28% of the state's primary care practitioners practice in rural areas. This shortage also means that many women living in rural areas do not live close to high-quality pregnancy care. With a Master's degree in nurse midwifery, you can assist low-risk women in pregnancy and childbirth.

With a master’s degree in nursing you could work as a nurse anesthetist or a nurse administrator.

Working as a nurse anesthetist gives you the opportunity to ensure that patients are safe and comfortably sedated during surgeries and procedures. In Kentucky, the median 2014 annual salary for a nurse anesthetist was $142,900(O*net, 2015). In this state the demand for nurse anesthetists is expected to rise by approximately 25 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

As a nurse administrator with a master’s degree, you can work in a hospital or clinic management position and oversee those who perform direct patient care in a variety of settings. Nurse administrators in Kentucky had a median annual salary of $82,100 in 2014 (O*net, 2015), which gives a rough estimate as to what nurse administrators in this state can expect to make. Additionally, the need for nurse administrators is expected to grow in Kentucky by 30 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

To discover more about MSN programs or these career options, contact any of the schools on this page.

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