Indiana Research Nursing Graduate Programs

One of the benefits of working in the field of nursing is the fact that it exists everywhere. Whether you live in one of Indiana's urban areas or one of its smaller rural areas, your skills as a registered nurse are extremely valuable. Furthermore, you may be able to use your nursing skills to explore a new career path for yourself and take your contributions to this industry to the next level.

Nursing research is a growing part of Indiana’s health care industry. In a time when care providers, executives, and policymakers are trying to improve results while reducing costs, research is one of the most valuable tools in the business. Indiana has quite a few opportunities for nurse researchers who want to thrive. Every year, the Northwest Indiana Nursing Research Consortium hosts an annual conference that brings together researchers from all over the region to discuss important issues in health care.

If you are ready to find out how you can change the world through research, learn more about research nursing graduate programs in Indiana.

Indiana Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Before you can embark on a research career, you must have a Master’s degree in nursing that focuses on nursing research. These programs in Indiana address a number of learning goals. They aim to teach you about the research process while fully involving you in it, help you think critically about the field of nursing, and empower you to design and carry out research that has an impact on the health care community. Some of these programs also look at how research and teaching work together, preparing you for a career in teaching or research.

Over the course of two to three years, you should earn at least 30 credits as a full-time graduate student. During this time, you may study nursing theory, research procedures, modern health care issues, and the role of research in this industry. These topics are covered in courses like Nursing Science and Theory Development, Synthesis in Nursing, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Experimental Design, and Leadership in Nursing Research.

As a student, you get the chance to work with experienced researchers on real clinical studies. Your role in these studies should increase over time, allowing you to become more confident in a research setting. By the time you graduate, you may have several hundred hours of clinical work completed.

If you are worried about the costs associated with the graduate program, look into financial aid programs. The Indiana Center for Nursing funds several graduate-level scholarships.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Indiana

When you get close to the end of your degree, you should start exploring job opportunities throughout the state. Many hospitals and clinics have research departments. If you are already working as a registered nurse, you may be able to use your seniority to find a research position with your current employer. Other options include pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies, and universities.

Staying involved in what other researchers are doing can help you become a leader in your community. The Indiana Organization of Nurse Executives supports nursing research in many different ways, so you may want to join and connect with other high-level nursing professionals.

Going into a specialized nursing field may improve your earning prospects and your job outlook. The average salary for a nurse researcher is $55,200 per year, and job openings in this field are expected to increase 12% by 2022 (O*Net, 2014).

You could be responsible for the next big breakthrough in the nursing industry. Find out what options you have by contacting nursing research programs in Indiana.

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