Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Indiana

Great nurses, a strong sense of teamwork, and evidence-based care standards are all core aspects of the nursing industry in Indiana. However, healthcare policy guides all of these areas of care. Without strong policies that support nurses, nurses simply cannot work to their full potential.

Indiana is clearly invested in the health of its residents and the work of its healthcare experts. In 2015, Indiana was one of 23 states that increased its mental health spending (Journal Gazette, 2015).

Nursing policy experts worked with criminal justice experts to develop policies that support mental healthcare, showing the interdisciplinary nature of health policy. Laws developed by legislators may be aimed at improving work conditions, directly strengthening care options for patients, or improving collaboration between healthcare and other industries.

If you’re excited about the opportunity to improve nursing through policy, learn more about education options now. Use our list of healthcare policy graduate programs in Indiana to begin.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Indiana

Health policy programs in Indiana tend to be fairly demanding, so you may want to look at admissions requirements across a number of schools before you begin the application process. A Bachelor’s degree is required in most cases, and a Bachelor's degree in nursing may allow you to graduate more quickly.

In addition, most schools expect an extensive amount of work experience. You may need between one and five years of full-time nursing behind you to be considered for one of these programs.

Once you start your education, anticipate completing about 42 credits over a period of two to three years. As a graduate nursing student in Indiana, you may enroll in health policy courses like those listed here:

  • Management of Individual and Group Behavior
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Outcomes and Decision Making
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Public Health and Policy
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Information Systems

Health policy programs have clear goals and expectations. Not only do these goals help instructors assess your performance and growth, they assist you in finding areas of weakness and areas in which you need to improve. Spend some time studying the learning outcomes of your chosen program so that you can exceed them.

By the time you graduate, you may be expected to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the role of politics and policy decisions, effectively use knowledge from various sources in your decisions, blend your nursing experience with your knowledge of policy, and properly analyze nursing research.

The Indiana State Board of Nursing can help you keep your license renewed while you are completing your degree and throughout your career. Renewal applications are due by the last day of October in every odd-numbered year.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Indiana?

In most Indiana hospitals and clinics, nurses provide the majority of care to patients. This means that, as a registered nurse, you have insights and experience that many legislators and policy creators cannot access. It is important for you to be a strong advocate for the nursing industry, listen to the concerns of nurses, and use your policy experience to strengthen the field of nursing and improve the care that patients enjoy.

As part of the nursing community, you may already be in a position to learn about legislative priorities in Indiana. In the past year, the Indiana State Nurses Association has contributed to legislation concerning the delegation of nursing tasks, funding for mental health conditions, and funding sources for trauma care.

Your career may take you into many different agencies and organizations. One of the largest healthcare policy organizations in Indiana is the Indiana Center for Health Policy.

Whether your goal is to increase awareness and improve outcomes for specific causes, align with the nursing industry and its priorities, or improve healthcare accessibility, your education is where it begins.

Compare options with our list of graduate healthcare policy programs in Indiana below.

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