Indiana Clinical Nurse Specialist

Working in the field of nursing doesn’t just give you a career. It helps you find your calling, puts you in a position to help countless people every single day, and gives you the opportunity to change the field of health care.

If you’re ready to further your education and find out what your nursing experience can do for your career, you may be a great place to look into clinical nurse specialist programs in Indiana. Contact those listed on our site for program details.

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) take on a variety of job tasks as part of their advanced practice. For example, a recently-opened hospice center uses clinical nurse specialists to help people move through the last stage of life with comfort and dignity.

Becoming a clinical nurse specialist may give you the freedom to work more independently, set hospital and clinical practices and guidelines, and become a leader in your place of employment. Reach out to clinical nurse specialist programs in Indiana to find out more about this career path.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Indiana

Before you get started in a clinical nurse specialist program, you should ensure that you meet the high admissions standards of these programs. Since this is a graduate program, you need a Bachelor’s degree in nursing to be accepted. You should have performed fairly well in your nursing program and have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. It’s also important to investigate the clinical requirements of your program.

Some programs require at least one year of full-time nursing experience, while others look at how many hours you have worked as a nurse. There are a few schools that require 2,000 registered nursing hours prior to enrollment.
Once you’ve met these requirements and you get accepted to your program of choice, you can prepare for your education. Most CNS students spend two to three years in school completing their required 30 to 45 credits. These programs tend to involve several hundred clinical hours, most of which are with your chosen population. For example, if you focus on oncology, you should spend most of your time working with cancer patients.

Many classes help you reach your academic and professional goals. Courses that may be part of your degree include Statistics for Health Care Professionals, Clinical Decision Making, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Applied Pharmacology, and Health Care Policy & Politics.

Indiana has numerous organizations and businesses that fund nursing scholarships. The Indiana Health Care Association funds multiple scholarships for advanced nursing students. Through the Indiana Center for Nursing, you may apply for scholarships that are specifically intended for clinical nurse specialists. Indiana One is another local organization with nursing scholarships.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Indiana

Upon completing your educational program, you must become licensed as a clinical practical nurse. This involves getting advanced standing for your registered nursing license. The Indiana State Board of Nursing requires you to pass an advanced clinical exam and go through the background check process before you can get advanced practice rights.

Clinical nurse specialists may enjoy a number of career benefits, so taking this step in your education may really pay off. CNN Money lists this career on its list of Best Jobs in America of 2013. Their estimates show that clinical nurse specialists earn an average of $86,500 per year. Through the year 2022, they expect job openings to increase by 26%.

Nursing is a field that’s growing by leaps and bounds, so why not take the next step in your education and influence the field as a whole? Learn more now by contacting clinical nurse specialist programs in Indiana.

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