Idaho Clinical Nurse Specialist Degrees

Nurses have always been an important part of health care—as a registered nurse, you likely already know that. However, the role of nurses is changing every day. New health care legislature has made it difficult for patients to get timely access to the care they need. As a result, many clinics and individual patients are turning to advanced nursing professionals.

In Idaho, this is especially true. The state’s rural layout makes it hard for clinics to find or even be able to afford doctors. If you want to advance your career and expand your scope of practice, you may want to look into clinical nurse specialist programs in Idaho.

Contact the schools listed below that offer CNS programs in Idaho to learn more about your options.

Clinical nurse specialists are some of the most diverse nursing professionals in this field. In addition to playing a major role in patient care, clinical nurse specialists may contribute to care plans and research that drive the nursing field forward. In fact, clinical nurse specialists may use their expertise to solve major health care problems like the spread of infection in close quarters.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Idaho

Are you ready to explore a new specialty field and take on the role of clinical nurse specialist? First, you may want to decide which field you want to concentrate on. Clinical nurse specialists may tailor their education in a number of ways. Choices available at Idaho schools may include gerontology, pediatrics, acute care, and community nursing. Look back at your nursing experience and think about which populations and health problems you feel most passionately about.

You also want to make sure you fit the requirements for a CNS program. Strong academic performance is incredibly important, as many schools require an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. In addition, you should have at least one year of experience working as a nurse with adults or children.

While spending two to three years in school earning a Master’s degree in nursing, you may take a wide variety of courses. These courses serve many purposes, but they have the long-term goal of creating clinical nurse specialists who are well-versed in research, skilled at working with patients, and dedicated to becoming strong leaders in their field.

Some of the courses you may take as a CNS student include Statistics for Healthcare Professionals, Role Development for Advanced Practice Nurses, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, and Clinical Decision Making. High-level courses in your curriculum may include Health Care Policy and Politics, Clinical Nurse Specialist Role Immersion, and Care Across the Healthcare Continuum.

Idaho has a wide variety of employers and companies that provide nursing scholarships to promising students. The Idaho Community Foundation is responsible for dozens of scholarships. Through the Idaho Board of Education, you may have the opportunity to apply for dedicated nursing scholarships. Grants are also awarded by the Idaho Area Health Education Center.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Idaho

In Idaho, the licensure of clinical nurse specialists is overseen by the Idaho Board of Nursing. They administer a comprehensive advanced nursing exam and verify that you meet their strict educational credentials before administering your advanced practice license.

CNNMoney lists CNS as one of its hot jobs of 2013. They expect job openings to increase by 26% through 2022 and report an average salary of $86,500 per year.

If you want to use your nursing experience to positively impact your community and the field of nursing, you may make a great CNS. Learn more by contacting clinical nurse specialist programs in Idaho today.

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