Master's in Nursing Schools in Idaho

If you currently have an Associate's in Nursing, a Bachelor's in Nursing, or a Bachelor's degree in another field, there may be a Master's in Nursing program for you in Idaho. Higher-level nursing programs focus on a variety of specialties, including nurse midwifery, research, education, and leadership. Nursing schools in Idaho offer many routes, and you can find and compare them all here.

Thanks to the expanding role of certified nurse midwives in Idaho, there may be many career opportunities if you go down this path. Since CNMs are independent practitioners in Idaho, you can care directly for low-risk pregnant women without the oversight of a physician.

Nursing Programs in Idaho

When you enroll in one of the MSN programs in Idaho, there are several learning objectives your instructors will expect you to meet. Common objectives include the development of enhanced critical thinking skills, a deep knowledge of health care systems, the ability to collaborate with other medical professionals, and the provision of culturally appropriate care.

The MSN curriculum at Idaho nursing schools is crafted to help you attain these goals. All incoming MSN students must take core classes like Human Pathophysiology, Advanced Evidence Application, and Health Assessment for Clinical Practice.
Nursing education courses may include Teaching and Learning Strategies, Curriculum Development, and Assessment/Evaluation Strategies. Courses in the leadership track include Leadership in Nursing Administration and Organizational Behavior in Changing Health Care Systems.

If you already have a Bachelor's in Nursing, you may be able to graduate in two to three years. If you're jumping straight from an Associate's degree in nursing or another Bachelor's degree to an MSN, your degree may take four to five years. Bridge programs like the RN to MSN and the Direct Entry MSN programs may facilitate completion of your Master’s degree, as they incorporate previous knowledge into course design.

Your scholarship search should include a variety of sources, including schoolwide scholarships, statewide scholarships, and national scholarships. For example, Northwest Nazarene University awards the H.E.L.P. Scholarship. The Idaho Area Health Education Center has multiple scholarships they award to Idaho students. Students that are going through nurse midwifery programs can apply for the March of Dimes Scholarship.

Working With Your MSN in Idaho

Idaho is a western state known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. Regardless of which type of career you want to begin, the Nurse Leaders of Idaho indicate a growing need for Master's-level nurses. They want to increase the amount of nursing faculty in the area, help more students earn their Master's degrees, and keep the nursing workforce in Idaho strong.

The Idaho Nursing Action Coalition has many of the same goals. The organization recently received a $238,000 grant to retain more Master's-level nurses in Idaho. They support both the practice of direct care nurses, like certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners, and those in administrative positions, like nurse leaders and nursing research faculty. Earning your MSN in Idaho now is a great idea, and aligns you with the long-term goals of the profession.

Not only do certified nurse midwives have full freedom to practice in Idaho, so do nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. Because of the local primary care physician shortage in the state, family nurse practitioners are in high demand.

There are many opportunities for nurses who have obtained their MSN degree in the state of Idaho. Careers as a nurse administrator or a nurse anesthetist are just two of these opportunities.

Working as a nurse administrator allows you to relinquish daily contact with patients and to focus more on hospital and employee management as an administrator or manager. Nurse administrators can also work in clinics and private doctor’s offices. Nurse administrators in Idaho with a MSN degree make a median annually salary of $72,800, according to 2014 figures (O*net, 2015). The job outlook for nurse administrators is bright, with an expected growth for the state of Idaho at 25 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

As a nurse anesthetist you can work alongside anesthesiologists and help patients be safely sedated and comfortable for medical procedures and surgeries. Nurse anesthetists in Idaho, according to 2014 data, earn an annual median wage of $ 148,800 (O*net, 2015). Between 2012 and 2022 there is an expected growth rate for nurse anesthetists in Idaho at 20 percent (O*net, 2015).

To get more information on MSN programs in Idaho, contact the schools on this page to request more information about costs and curriculum.

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