Delaware Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

Why did you become a nurse? If you’re like many registered nurses, you want to spend your days helping people, improving the state of health care, and providing patients with evidence-based care. If you are ready to enhance your impact in nursing, you may want to look into expanding your scope of practice and becoming a clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

Review the CNS programs in Delaware that are listed on our site and contact the schools you are interested in to get program details.

Clinical nurse specialists have an extended body of knowledge in a nursing specialty, which allows them to provide high-quality care to patients in a specific scope of practice. As a registered nurse, you may enjoy a strong professional network in Delaware. When you decide to become a clinical nurse specialist, you can benefit from a strong statewide and nationwide community.

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists supports clinical nurse specialists in various specialties, allowing you to dedicate time to research and build professional relationships with those in your field. If you’re interested in learning how to take your career to the next level, find out more about clinical nurse specialist programs in Delaware.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Delaware

Clinical nurse specialist programs in Delaware are rigorous Master’s degree programs that are designed for nurses with a Bachelor’s-level education. In addition, you need a history of strong academic performance and work experience as a registered nurse. At minimum, Delaware schools require one year of full-time work as an RN. Some schools require up to three years of experience.

If you meet these requirements and you’re dedicated to becoming a high-level nursing professional, you can get started in a CNS program. Unlike nurse practitioners, anesthetists, and midwives, who focus almost exclusively on patient care, clinical nurse specialists take on many different job duties. In addition to patient care, you should plan on spending time on research and leadership. Because of this, your education must cover practice, nursing research, and management.

In the two to three years spent in a CNS program, you may complete 30 to 40 credits in advanced nursing courses. Classes that may be part of your curriculum include Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice, Advanced Pathophysiology, Biostatistical Methods, Acute Care for Clinical Nurse Specialists, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, Advanced Pharmacology, and Outcome Assessments. While completing these courses, you may gain over 500 hours of clinical experience.

While earning your Master’s degree, you may be able to apply for scholarships and grants to cover the cost of your education. The Federal Nurse Scholarship and Loan Repayment Program is active in Delaware, serving students who are willing to work in a rural area.

Christiana Care Health System is one of many Delaware employers that provides graduate nursing scholarships. Through the Delaware Higher Education Office, you may be able to apply for thousands of dollars in nursing aid.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Delaware

Upon completing your education, it’s time to obtain national nurse specialist certification via the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Once you have a valid CNS certificate, you can apply for advanced practice licensure through the State of Delaware Board of Nursing. Once you have an advanced license, you must keep up with continuing education requirements to maintain your license.

Clinical nurse specialists may enjoy a positive job outlook for several years to come throughout the country. CNN anticipates a 26% increase in job openings through 2022. They report an average salary of $86,500 per year for clinical nurse specialists (CNN).

Clinical nurse specialists play an important role in the nursing field of Delaware. If you are invested in this industry and ready to take the next step in your career, start by contacting clinical nurse specialist programs in Delaware.

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