Master's in Nursing Schools in Delaware

Delaware residents, like those in many other states, can benefit from an increase in the number of advanced practice nurses in the state. With a Master's in Nursing, you can further your career in research, management, or patient care. Whether you currently have an Associate's in Nursing or a Bachelor's in Nursing, you can often find a Master's program in Connecticut that can accommodate you. Even if you have a non-nursing degree, there are routes to obtain an MSN in Connecticut that take your previous education into account.

Nursing facilities and services in Delaware are known for their high marks in patient satisfaction and recommendation rates, according to the Delaware Gazette. As an advanced practice nurse, nurse researcher, or nurse educator, you can be part of the growing community of nursing excellence in Delaware, demonstrating what it means to be a leader within the profession of nursing.

There is also quite a bit of support for nurses that want to advance their education in this state. The Campaign for Change in Delaware is actively trying to increase the amount of nurses with higher-level degrees. In addition, the Campaign for Change is trying to increase the amount of freedom enjoyed by advanced practice nurses in Delaware.

Nursing Education in Delaware

If you have a Bachelor's degree in nursing already, you may be able to graduate in as little as two years with your Master’s. A four-year commitment may be required if you are going from an Associate's in Nursing to a Master's in Nursing. Some programs are meant to be completed on a part-time basis, so they require approximately three years of study. You will also find that there are options for an online MSN in Delaware, which may be the most flexible choice.

All concentrations tend to require the same courses, including Politics and Policy in Healthcare, Research in Nursing, and Advancement of Nursing Science. However, the classes beyond your core courses are determined by your specialty. Leadership programs may require courses like Leadership Development and Management in Advanced Nursing Practice. Direct care programs often include courses like Primary Care for Adults and Advanced Pharmacology. The MSN/MBA option combines business courses with nursing courses.

Public and private organizations in Delaware support nurses with a variety of scholarship programs. Christiana Care Health System awards scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition; winners must commit to working for Christiana Care for one year after graduation. The Department of Education funds the Scholarship Incentive Program, which is available to graduate students at private Delaware universities.

Working With Your MSN in Delaware

The state of Delaware offers many opportunities for nurses who have their MSN degree, including an informatics nurse specialist and a clinical nurse specialist. While there are several options for nursing professions with an MSN, we have detailed salary and growth statistics for just a couple of options below.

Occupation projections provided by Office of Labor Market Information indicate that nurses with advanced degrees may be in high demand, with growth rates of 1% or higher each year through 2020.

As an informatics nurse specialist you will work first-hand designing, testing, and implementing new ways to document healthcare information. Based on the 2014 median annual salary for this career, you could potentially make around $89,400 per year (O*net, 2015). The outlook for this job is bright with a predicted growth rate of 22 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015). This high rate of growth is due, in part, to the trend of healthcare information to be documented and stored digitally.

Working as a clinical nurse specialist gives you the opportunity to manage care of complex patients and help ensure other nurses have the knowledge and tools they need to do their job. According to 2014 figures, a clinical nurse specialist in Delaware has the potential to make around $69,900 per year (O*net, 2015). In addition, the demand for nurses in this career field is expected to grow by 16 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

For more information on MSN degree programs, including curriculum and costs, contact one of the schools listed on this page.

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Nursing Schools in Delaware