Colorado Public Health Graduate Programs

There are two main goals of the health care industry: to keep each individual patient healthy and to keep the community as a whole healthy. During your time as a registered nurse, you have likely spent most of your time working with individual patients to help them overcome illness, disease, or physical injury. If you want to expand your scope of practice to improve health practices in Colorado, you may be a great fit for a public health nursing program.

The Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado notes that this nursing specialty has many goals in this state. Public health nurses network with policymakers, registered nurses, and researchers to determine what is best for the state of Colorado.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Colorado

Throughout the state of Colorado, you may find a variety of graduate-level public health nursing programs. You should already have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing before you apply to these programs. Nursing experience is often recommended, if not outright required. The more experience you have in a variety of nursing specialties, the more comfortable you may be filling the role of public health expert and educating Colorado citizens.

The curriculum for your program may require the completion of 30 to 40 credits. Both classroom time and clinical experience are extremely important in this field. In the theory part of your education, you may learn about how to work as a leader in the field of nursing, teaching techniques for educating the public about health concerns, and what the goals of public health are. During your clinical experience, you may work for a variety of government agencies and nonprofit organizations to gain experience with the different tasks of a public health nurse.

Course requirements vary from school to school. However, your curriculum may include courses like Community Assessment, Local and Global Health Policy, Leadership and Management in Health Care, Epidemiology and World Health, Finance and Resource Management, and Public Health Leadership.

Since you already work as a registered nurse, you may have professional connections and memberships that can help you get financial aid for your graduate degree. One of the most popular resources in Colorado is the Colorado Nurses Foundation.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Colorado

While completing your degree, you may learn about the many ways that public health nurses influence the Colorado health care community. For example, public health nurses may work for individual organizations and institutions to improve preventative care standards and support the development of wellness programs. You may also find work with government agencies, which often involves overseeing programs that address statewide and nationwide wellness goals.

Colorado has a growing need for registered nurses, including those who specialize in public health. A 26% increase in job openings is expected by the year 2022 (O*Net, 2012). The average salary for a Colorado nurse is $68,300 per year, although public health certification may boost your salary potential (O*Net, 2014).

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