Colorado Research Nursing Graduate Programs

One of the biggest parts of the medical field is research. If there were no doctors and nurses conducting research, medical professionals would still be using leeches to treat disease. The best researchers are those who have experience in the health care industry and who understand what the long-term goals of this field are. Your time as a Colorado RN may help you improve the future of nursing through research.

The Colorado Collaborative for Nursing Research has studied the importance of research in the field of nursing. A recent study indicates that nurses who conduct research may improve many elements of health care delivery. No matter which specialties or health care settings you have worked in as a registered nurse, your expertise may be exactly what local research studies need.

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Colorado Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Research is an extremely in-depth and multifaceted part of the nursing field, so you must be willing to meet strict educational standards before you begin working as a nurse researcher. Prior to enrolling in this type of program, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Each school has its own experience requirements, although most schools require at least one year of full-time nursing experience. Even though clinical nurse research does not involve clinical work, you must have strong clinical skills to understand what the field of nursing really needs.

Part of your curriculum focuses solely on research techniques. To be able to work at research facilities, you must understand the ethics of nursing research, have a thorough knowledge of proper procedures and protocols, and know what is expected in academic research settings. To reach these goals, you may take courses like Contemporary Design and Methods, Knowledge Appraisal and Development, Biostatistics, Ethics and IRB in Research, and Advanced Research Methods.

Other courses focus on helping you build an advanced understanding of nursing theory. These courses include Health Disparities, Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives of Nursing, and Issues in Modern Nursing.

You may have several options for financial aid in Colorado. If you take on a research assistantship or a teaching assistantship at your school, you may gain relevant experience and earn money for school. You may also apply for graduate scholarships through organizations like the Colorado Nurses Foundation.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Colorado

One of the most exciting parts of working in nursing research is the variety of ways that you can put your degree to use. If you are passionate about one particular area of health care, you may be able to perform your research solely in your field of interest. Doing so may help you become an expert as you build your body of research. Many Colorado organizations and health employers have research facilities, such as Children’s Hospital Colorado. Here, nurse researchers hope to find better ways to implement clinical practice standards and help nurses develop their clinical decision-making skills.

The job outlook for clinical researchers is stable in Colorado. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 9% increase in clinical nurse research jobs. The average salary in this field is an impressive $119,500 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Improve the field of nursing by devoting your career to research. Find out more about your options now by contacting graduate nursing research programs in Colorado.

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