California Research Nursing Graduate Programs

The time you spend working as a registered nurse is invaluable in so many ways. Not only do your patients appreciate what you do, the experience you gain can help you develop great intuition and expertise when it comes to health care. This can serve you well if you decide that you are interested in the field of research nursing in California.

In your position as a registered nurse, you have likely developed your own opinions about the laws and standards that affect the world of health care. For example, State Bill 128 in California would give terminally ill patients the right to die as they choose. By working in the field of nursing research, you can design and carry out the research that executives and legislators used to make important decisions like this one.

Find out how you can get started on the path to becoming a nurse researcher in California by contacting the schools listed on this page for more information.

California Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

You can go one of two routes when you decide to go into nurse research. A Master’s degree program often requires just two years of study, but it may exclude you from teaching positions later down the road. A doctoral degree may take up to seven years, but it may give you more choices when it comes to your career. Studying the curricula of different schools can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Before you can start learning the research techniques that make the nursing world keep moving forward, you must take your theoretical understanding of this field to an advanced level. To reach this goal, you may take courses like Philosophy of Science in Nursing, Substantive Nursing Knowledge, and Nursing Knowledge Development.

Once you have completed these courses, you can start exploring research techniques, standards, and expectations. Some of the classes you may enroll in include Advanced Health Care Statistics, Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research, Quantitative Methods in Nursing Research, Mixed Methods Research, Behavior Observation Methods, and Qualitative Data Analysis.

It should come as no surprise that lab experience is a crucial part of this degree. You must learn how to design a real study, screen potential participants, go through the ethics approval process, conduct your experiment, and interpret your findings. This involves spending hundreds of hours working under skilled researchers and doctoral graduates. This experience may also give you some insight as to which nursing specialty most interests you.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in California

California has a huge biomedical and medical research industry, which is why the demand for clinical researchers is growing rapidly in this state. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates an 18% increase in clinical nurse research jobs in California. Their data indicates that the average salary for a researcher in California is $144,400 per year (O*Net, 2014).

A degree in nursing research may put you in a position to work for many different employers, including research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies companies, and hospitals or clinics. One of the best known research facilities, Kaiser Permanente, has a large operation based in Southern California. As you go through your degree, you may wish to network with clinical sites and internship sites to find out about upcoming job opportunities.

Your nursing experience can help you change your life and the lives of millions of California residents. Take the next step in your career today by contacting nursing research programs in California.

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