Arizona Research Nursing Graduate Programs

There are many ways that you can contribute your skills to Arizona’s nursing community. As a registered nurse, you’ve likely given excellent care to thousands of patients and supported many high-level care providers in the procedures and care they provide. If you are ready to take the next step in your nursing career, you may want to start designing and carrying out the research that health care executives used to make important decisions. Contact the Arizona schools with nursing research degree offerings to learn more about your options for study.

Arizona’s nursing research industry is growing rapidly. One large school in the area recently decided to expand its biomedical campus, which includes extensive research in many areas of nursing and health care.

Research nursing may be a good fit for you if you can see the big picture in nursing and if you are interested in improving what that big picture looks like. The National Institute of Nursing Research notes that this field has accomplished a lot over the last 30 years.

If you want to find out how your experience and knowledge can help you advance your career, check out our list of research nursing programs in Arizona below and contact schools for more information.

Arizona Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Your undergraduate education in nursing should provide a strong foundation for your graduate education in nursing research. Programs at this level do typically require a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, so you may need to complete a bridge program first if you have an Associate’s degree in nursing.

The curriculum for your nursing research program may delve into research institutes in Arizona, federal and state guidelines for research ethics, the main goals of nursing research, and procedures used to create viable and usable research. Some of the courses you may take as a student include Research Management and Contemporary Research Topics, Institutional Review Board in Human Research, Research Design, Methods for Clinical Research, and Advanced Techniques in Nursing Research.

Not only must you know this topic inside and out, you must be able to use your knowledge in real work settings. To test this, your school may require you to complete a research rotation with experienced researchers.

The Arizona Nurses Foundation may be an excellent scholarship resource for you as you earn your graduate degree. Leaders in this organization understand how important it is for nurses to continue growing and learning, leading to an uptick in scholarships.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Arizona

The demand for those who are willing to take on leadership roles in nursing is growing rapidly in Arizona, particularly when compared to job growth across the country. Through the year 2022, O*Net predicts a 16% increase in clinical nurse research jobs in Arizona. Their data shows that the average salary for a nurse researcher is $99,500 per year (O*Net, 2014).

With your graduate degree, you may find openings in many different health care settings. Local hospitals and medical centers often have research centers that rely on nursing professionals. Drug manufacturers, medical supplies companies, and institutions of higher learning may also hire clinical nurse researchers.

Are you ready to find out how your nursing experience can improve lives for patients all over Arizona? Take the first step by checking out Arizona schools below and requesting more information today.

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