Arizona Clinical Nurse Specialist

With the Affordable Care Act increasing accessibility to health care all over the country, the need for skilled medical professionals is greater than ever. Since it can be prohibitively expensive for organizations and clinics to hire doctors for all of their needs, many Arizona organizations are turning to advanced nursing professionals for their health care needs.

If you’re ready to use your nursing abilities and knowledge to start the next stage of your career, you may want to learn more about clinical nurse specialist (CNS) programs in Arizona. Contact the schools listed below for details about how to become a CNS in Arizona.

Clinical nurse specialists may use their advanced nursing knowledge and their high-level to comprehend, design, and carry out nursing research. This is a particularly important part of this career path, as statewide organizations have awarded grants to specialized nursing research groups.

As a clinical nurse specialist, you may contribute to an understanding of health across many different populations. Recent research indicates that clinical nurse specialists do a lot to help pediatric cancer patients. No matter which demographic group you want to work with as a CNS, your journey starts with the right education.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Arizona

When you look at the curriculum for a CNS program in Arizona, you can see that you develop a wide variety of skills in this type of program. Your instructors may teach you how to interpret nursing research, apply research to your own clinical practice and to clinical practice guidelines, create care plans, and lead other staff in understanding and carrying out new procedures. This is a graduate-level nursing degree that requires approximately two years of full-time study. Over this period of time, you may complete about 40 credits.

As you work toward a CNS degree, you may take many different and challenging courses. Courses in your curriculum may include Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice nurses, Statistics for Health Care Professionals, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Clinical Decision Making, Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing, Health Care Policy, and Physical Assessment for Clinical Nurse Specialists.

While completing your theory-based courses, you will also be gaining experience in several different clinical settings. Since this is a high-level degree, you can plan on working exclusively with patients in your area of specialty. There are several different focus areas you can choose from, so be sure to get information from the schools listed on our site to find the best match for your nursing interests.

When you opt to complete an advanced degree in nursing, you can gain access to many extensive scholarship programs that fund graduate nursing degrees. The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program supports graduate nurses who want to work in an underserved area after graduation. If you become a member of the Arizona Nurses Association, you may have the chance to apply for several different scholarships. Nursing scholarships are also funded by the Arizona Community Foundation.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Arizona

Though you can continue working as a registered nurse throughout your education as long as you maintain your RN license, you must complete an advanced licensing process to begin working as a CNS in Arizona. The ANCC Certification Center offers certification to CNS graduate who pass their rigorous testing process. This allows you to apply for an advanced practice license through the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Clinical nurse specialists are in high demand throughout the United States, leading it to be listed as the second-best job in America by CNN. The average salary for a CNS is $86,500 per year, and job openings are expected to swell by 26 percent through 2022 (CNN, 2013).

Your career in advanced nursing is waiting for you. Don't delay—take the first step now by reaching out to the clinical nurse specialist programs in Arizona that are listed below.

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